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The Perfect Apocalypse: Chapter Seven – Unseen Prophet/Invisible Enemy

The Perfect Apocalypse


Chapter Seven

Unseen Prophet/Invisible Enemy

by Rob Richardson

It was hard not to be curious as to their motives.

I had tracked them since their emergence from the Grand Central Gateway. I had been warned to stay away from the gaping chasms and tunnels that led to The Below since I was a child but I had no need to fear them now.

They were nothing but abandoned passages to ignorance and fear. To a world that had been left behind centuries ago.

The couple had some sort of dispute and it was apparent that they did not fully trust one another. That was a mistake. Those that surfaced from The Below rarely survived in The Above. You needed all the allies you could get – you needed someone to watch you back. If you couldn’t trust your companion to do that then you were fucked.

That word always made me laugh. The Old Speech was rough and harsh sounding but it was often the most descriptive and reliable. Plus, it rolled off the tongue so easily.

I had watched them for four days now, they had barely traveled ten miles. In fact on the second day, they had circled the perimeter of the previous nights camp. Even the most expert of survivalists could become lost in this unforgiving jungle. They were yet to encounter any of the horrors that dwelt within it.

But they would. And soon.

They were headed toward a Hulk encampment. When those beasts decided to hunt it was time for the jungle to shut down. Everything, and I do mean everything, went to ground. The Hulks though – a by-product of the scientists at CERN opening infinite doorways to other universes – could tear acres of this terrain open and would readily feast on deadly Rag-Deer or Ghost Wolf for several days before ending their onslaught.

How do I know about the truth about CERN? I’m the only one who does.

I was once a girl of the Y’Xanshi tribe. We were nomadic but stuck to the boundaries of the exotic terrain that had once been North America. My father was the Chief’s Third Spearman. It wasn’t an honour as such but it did mean we ate before most of the others in the clan.

We traveled game trails, losing much of our number to the Rag-Deer. Our main sport was Justsi Lizards which were integral to our well-being. We used their skin for clothing and shelter, their bones as weapons and their meat for sustenance.

One day, our paths crossed that with the marauding Hulks. The immense red-furred behemoths ripped through the treeline, hurling and crushing those I had loved, grown up and broke bread with. The ate my father quickly before glaring in my direction and pushing through the undergrowth as I fled.

I came across an ancient, scientific compound. The facility had once been owned by the United States military but ran under the guise of a pharmaceutical company called Life Cine. And life it did indeed hold.

I dodged incoming boulders and logs that were thrown at me from the creatures that were pursuing me. For them it had become more of a game. They wanted me dead now for sport. It was not about feeding anymore.

I fell through a crumbling wall in the facility and into a pool of silver liquid. I frantically tried to escape the fluid-filled pit but I was unable to reach the edge. The Hulks were baring down on me now. It was drown or be torn limb from limb. I began to panic and the world turned black.

As I came round, sub-dermal processors whirred into life. My eyes shone with a renewed brightness and I could sense new things. Around me lay the corpses of the animals that had led the chase. They were torn apart, savaged even.

There was a stabbing pain in my head. Something wanted access to my thoughts. So I let it.

The SUIT (Sub-dermal Utilitarian Infiltrator Technology) had bonded with me at a genetic level. It knew everything about the world after CERN. It could tell me about the world before CERN. It gave me strength, agility, heightened senses and the power to camouflage with my environment. I was the most powerful being on the planet. The top of the food chain.

SUIT told me that I was The One.

I had to protect the world from those who sort to change it. SUIT and I were survivors and this world befit us.

Looking at the pair who bickered and argued below my hidden position, my decision was made for me.

To spare them the horror of this world I had to kill them.