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I found you writhing against cognizance on the kitchen counter,

 You wanted nothing more than to be acknowledged

 as the sick.

You were trying too hard


For me it is too natural and you may not duplicate it wantonly for extra healing


 I was aghast at your mirroring.

 I am so pale.

Green never was my color, not like jaundice.

That’s more flattering.


Far more so than the current gaping black swill spilled from my chasmchest


Among my own remedies,

 I found more poison and opted.

 I can’t tell you why there is no more hope

 only that it died lonely.


There were many watching and poking – hope died afraid too


 So bleakly beautiful and stark

but still as barren as beginning.

And our tethers.


Cutlery leaves to many trails, a quiet wither seems appropriate


So the cupboard remains in flames,

My empathy apathy

does not.

Rejection is a sense of peace now.


It indicates the cooling of synapse, the withdrawn talk to each other still.


One response

  1. Wonderful, keep it up thanks.

    August 26, 2011 at 2:13 pm

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